January 06, 2011

Season Time Travel.

I promise I took these photos yesterday. I know it looks like a complete autumn day with the sunshine and the pumpkins, but it is in fact January. Now it's snowing again, this is Michigan weather at it's finest. Michigan is notorious for it's indecisive weather conditions!
So yesterday was a truly amazing day. I went to spend the evening with Jeff (after not seeing him for three days)! We decided to go out to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack and his best friend tagged along. It was a night full of quality time together and lots of laughs. I'm honestly so excited for married life! Life can get so hectic sometimes, so it will be so nice when we can come home to each other every night.
I absolutely love these boots from Blowfish Shoes. I wear them all the time! I'm also really wanting these in gray, these in walnut and these in gray. Just a little wish list for you all. Hehe. And here I am with my gray/brown combo. Two of my favorite colors together!

Thank you all so much for your comments and suggestions for love song lyrics. Jeff and I are loving them so far! If you think of any more, please feel free to comment again (here) or send me an email. I'm also so glad you liked my first DIY project too, I'm definitely wanting to do some more DIY posts in the future!

Thanks for reading, loves! xo.

Dress (worn as top): F21, Skirt: Charlotte Russe, Sweater: H&M, Boots: Blowfish Shoes


Kelly said...

I like your mix of patterns!

.Alyspank said...

Cuuuuuuuuute look! I dig how the brown warms up all the grey in your outfit, and the mixing prints, and the belt, and the I LOVE IT ALL.

I don't know why I was under the impression you and Jeff lived together, because I remember you even posting that you were staying with your parents (at least, I think I do...) Kevin and I are doing the same thing... except without the engagement ring, and I make a point every time I see him to let him know that the whole living apart thing is stupid. Then we laugh, and continue to do nothing about it. Being able to come home to one another is definitely a quadruple plus to finally being married!


Shy, Chesterfield said...

I love how mono-chromatic your outfit is. I can't bring myself to be colourful when I'm surrounded by snow:(


elanor, said...

the colors here are lovely. and the pattern mixing is great! something i have fun doing too. :) love the sweater.

xx elanor

sherryl said...

super cute! i love the colors you paired up together, it works so well..not sure why, it reminds me of a painting. :p
those boots are freaking awesome.


What a lovely post, the colours you are wearing really compliment eachother, and give a powerful look, as to the dull look you'd expect from browns and gray! xx

Chez said...

I love your outfit, particularly your skirt, it's absolutely gorgeous! Looking forward to married life must be amazing, can't wait until I can have that. Going to pop onto your love song post and submit one of my favourite lyrics now :)
xx Chez

monster cakes said...

I love how you mixed florals with stripes. Too cute! I need to be braver with mixing patterns, so thanks for inspiring me to try!

gee said...

oh my goodness.. you are beautiful! <3
these pictures are so lovely! it really does look like fall.
(oh how i wish it was!)
i love the mixing of the patterns..it works perfectly together.
have a wonderful weekend love!!!

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

I love that you're trying to convince us that you took these photos in winter, when they're are pumpkins behind you... ;]

Anyways, I totally love all of the mixed prints in this outfit! I need to get to do that, I love print mixing!

JennaStevie said...

I looove that cardigan!! Its so pretty, and looks great with that dress. Lovely look

MsShamz said...

really cute outfit, love your cardigan
I'm throwing a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to participate dear :)

Vinda Sonata said...

great cardigan and boots.
you look lovely. i love this look !

Ria S said...

Cute outfit! I love how you mix patterns :)

kate maggie said...

How on earth did I freaking miss this post? I cant believe it. You look amazing! I love that sweater and your skirt, so cute..and those boots suit you so well.

Heather, thanks so much for your comment...It really meant a lot to me. You're such a doll and Im so glad that I have gotten to know you a little bit through this whole blogging experience. You really brightened up my day, thanks a heap! And a list sounds like a good idea! I really should do that. x

The Dandizette said...

Aww you look lovely! I love the autumn colours and the light is so pretty.


Fashionably Drugged said...

Loving your outfit!

I'm following your blog, would you mind following mine back? :)


Beti said...

amazing outfit!!

Vicki said...

love the mix of prints, such a pretty outfit. love your newspaper nails! what a great idea :) x

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

that cardigan! i want it! stripes + florals are the best combination ever. and i love the sun in these pictures, it looks so pretty! <3

Pixie in Pumps said...

Amazing boots! And I love all the gray in this outfit. So tonal!

Marisa Noelle said...

I just found your blog through Sock Monkey & Gee...you are quite adorable. I love how you did the stripe and floral combo for this outfit. The muted color palette is lovely. Following you now darling:) xx Marisa