November 13, 2010


So I'm really excited to report that I went to the mall again today and didn't buy anything. I'm going to tell you my secret: frozen yogurt. I went to the mall to spend time with my mom and grandma, while they shopped I grabbed a frozen yogurt. I then proceeded to walk around the mall with said frozen yogurt which kept my hands occupied so I couldn't shop. It works remixers, try it out! And may I recommend the pistachio nut flavor, yum!


I tried the middle part today. I think I'm going to like it once I style it correctly. I did a quick straighten which resulted in a slight puff, but tomorrow we're going curly. So these tights actually have a slight sparkle to them. I'll have to wear them again and see if I can get a good picture of the shimmer to show you all, I really love these tights!


So there's my random post for the day. Oh and a huge thanks to my mom for taking my pictures before we left! She kept asking if she was doing a good job, so cute. :) Hope you're all having a fun, relaxing weekend!


Venn said...

great outfit!! :) gud luck on ur 30 for 30 challenge! :) have a great day!


Meg! said...

I think I used to have that very dress! Does it have little buttons up at the neckline? I had it in navy and black, but for some reason got rid of them before moving to Portland. REGRETS. It looks super cute on you though! And I love those boots to death. I just love your whole dress/tights/boots/cardi/scarf look. It's so signature, and so cute. <3

Also your hair looks so good! I want long hair!

elanor, said...

your scarf is cute! love the color. :)

xx elanor

Between Laundry Days said...

These pictures are adorable, and made 10x more adorable now that I know your mom took them. :) And good call on the frozen yogurt!

gee said...

i love the middle part on you.
i look like a total dork when i tried it out before the bangs. (but i have a widows that could be the problem)
way to go with the willpower in the mall are stronger than i. :)
have a wonderful sunday love.

Michal said...

Aw you look beautiful! I love your hair. (:

The frozen yogurt was a great idea! I may need to try that..

Midwest Mayhem said...

Mmm...I love frozen yogurt. Your outfit is so laid back and comfy looking. Very cute!

Sarah said...

I love this scarf!!

Cara-Mia said...

Love all your outfits, following you on Bloglovin' so I won't miss any now. :)