November 12, 2010


So my cousin Julie called me today and asked if I would take her to the mall, I said "Sure, but you have to take my outfit pictures." She was more than happy to help! I randomly pulled into the library parking lot and had no idea this cool creek ran along next to it. What a lovely, blogger surprise!

Another great surprise today, I got my boots from Blowfish!! I was so sad when I finally saved up for them and they were out of my size, but I went back a few days later and they had a 7.5. I'm a size 7, but I wanted them so badly I got the 7.5 anyway. GOOD thing, because they fit perfectly. If you ever order shoes from there, go up a half size! I got the dark brown, very dark (almost black) but I love them!


So today's bangs solution, I pinned them back. Tomorrow, I'm going to try the middle part (which is why I'm growing them out) to see how it looks! I love this hairstyle and I'm hoping I can achieve this.


Now for my sob story. Jeff is out of town camping until next Wednesday! I am already missing him. He sent me the sweetest, unexpected text message earlier and it absolutely made my night. "Can't wait to be your husband!" Ahhh, I love him and can't wait to be his wife!


Oh and for the record, I didn't buy anything at the mall! I'm so proud of myself. I did however by some peanut butter m&ms at Target. They were delicious. I'm going to be posting my first giveaway this weekend. I'm so excited and I hope you all like it! Have a lovely weekend!


Pixie in Pumps said...

those are some seriously killer boots! I am jealous.

Meg! said...

THE BOOTS. They are soooo cute, and they totally rock it with your wardrobe! I'm super happy they fit you, that is awesome. :D

Also, are you doing the 30/30 challenge?! I'm so behind on your blog. Kill me now. *runs back to read old posts*

Anonymous said...

I love the blue cardi! <3 R

Michal said...

Those boots are SO awesome!! Great cardigan too. :D

Mandy said...

You look so cute and cozy! I'm slowly conning everyone I know into taking outfit pictures sooner or later lol.


Hey love, thanks for your comment. I dont know what I am going to do about my text..I think I will keep it in the big chunk for now..I'll try it out hehe. I love those boots and so glad that they had your size! Your friend did a good job with the pictures :)

gee said...

i love the boots. i am glad they finally and sound.
i hate when the husband goes out of town..i have to go back home every time he does bc i hate sleeping alone in my place by myself. i am a dork.
good job on not buying have some good willpower!!! :)
have a great weekend love.

C. said...

I love this look! And really, really love those boots; can't get enough of the slouchy. I must check out that site when this 30/30 is over. :)

Shy, Chesterfield said...

The same thing happened to me! There were no 6 left so I went for a 6.5 and they fit like a dream! it was shoe destiny!


Sophi said...

I love peanut butter m&ms! so good! they're what reese's pieces ought to taste like.

Those boots are awesome! Comfy and cool all at once.

What a sweet text :)

xoxo Sophi

maggeygrace said...

You always look so chic and so put together- but effortlessly! It would take me hours to look like this ;) You're darling!

Between Laundry Days said...

I love the setting for these pictures! And that cardigan looks so delightfully cozy. :)

Breenah said...

In love with this. Especially the boots!

Blowfish said...

LOOOOOVE the Harnetts on you! I'm glad you were able to get the size that you actually needed. :)

Keep rockin' them and send us any pix if you'd like!

I'm actually going to link to this post on our Facebook, hope that's cool with you! :)

Email me if you have any ?s - elisem (at)
(We're always interested in getting in touch with bloggers!)

Jeweled Chavon said...

Lovely Darling!

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Love love love the outfit and pictures! That cardigan is too cute. It looks so cozy!

Anonymous said...

Lovely necklace! The source of inspiration for my own DIY definitelly.