October 15, 2010

Friday night tights.

So I'm so proud of myself today, I wore barney purple tights. Normally I stick to more subtle hued tights, so this was a challenge for me. When I first put them on in my room, they looked much darker. Step out in the natural light and holy wow, these babies shine. I'm normally one of those people who don't like to attract unnecessary attention to myself, but after seeing the tights in pictures, I think I may wear them again. I like the pop of color. What do you all think? Should we give the barney tights another chance?

purple tights 1

Today was a simple day in the life of Heather. Stayed in the pjs until two pm, picked up my paycheck, went to the bank, had dinner with my parents and Jeff, went to Best Buy, came home. Voila, that's just how exciting my life is, but I'm more than okay with it. I looked at SLR cameras at Best Buy and found the one I want. My cheap self is praying they go on sale for black friday! I will absolutely wait in the cold for a deal on the camera I want!

purple tights 2
Dress, belt: F21/Cardi: Target/Boots: Shoe Dept/Tights: Walmart/Purse: thrifted

So oops on the pictures today. Jeff and I ducked into an alley by our local Olga's (yum!) and I forgot to change the settings off of the night snapshot. But I loved this outfit so I really wanted to snap some quick pictures before it got too dark.

Thank you all SO much for your amazingly kind words, I'm so overjoyed with each comment I get. I seriously notify Jeff of each one because I have to share my excitement! You are all so amazing and sweet, thank you!! I want to be friends with everyone on here :)


Ashley said...

I like the purple tights! I'm like you - I stick with "safe" hues, but the purple look great on you!

Michal said...

You're so adorable! I love those tights! You should definitely wear them again. (:

Another Day Another Outfit said...

I love that sweater and the purple tights!! :)

Hannah said...

Those are some awesome tights! I like the way you let them be the centerpiece of the outfit, perfect! :)

.Alyspank said...

Definitely give those tights another go! The pop of color is too cute to hide away :)



Meg! said...

CARDIGAN. *drools* Was that a recent Target purchase? Waaant.

Also: TIGHTS. Epic! Definitely wear them again!