October 13, 2010

Autumn rose.

Ah so I just have to say how HAPPY I am in life right now! I feel like everything is falling into place and I am so blessed! If any of you out there is unhappy, I'll send you hugs and share my happiness! I feel like all of us girls need to unite in one positive, lovely environment, because it sure beats being cruel to one another!

I wore this last Saturday! My weekend wasn't too eventful, but it was spent with people I love and I'm learning to cherish all of those moments.

Dress: UO/Cardigan: Charlotte Russe/Boots: Shoe Dept/Tights: Target

Today I went to meet some girls I went to college with for lunch. It was so nice to reunite and reconnect with people I haven't seen in months! I feel like I get so anti-social sometimes. There really aren't enough hours in each day! I always feel like I have so much to do and so many people to see, but I can never do it all before sunset.


Okay so I just had the best conversation with my future sister in law. I feel so truly blessed to have such an amazing woman and inspiration in my life. Jessica is Jeff's older sister, a wife, a mother, a Christian. She is one of my go-to people when I need to talk because she has such an amazing way with words! She has two beautiful little girls who capture my heart daily. I know that the day I have kids of my own, if I am ever in need of any help or relief, she would be there, no questions asked! So this is my huge thank you to Jessica. I'm so grateful to have such an amazing sister in my life! Thank you for all of your advice, prayers and love you've given me.

And thanks to all of you for all of your kind, heart warming words! Thanks so much for coming to read my random, innermost thoughts! I really appreciate every one of you :)


Amber Rose said...

You are such a sweetheart! ;)

And I have that dress- so comfy, right?

Glad that you're happy-- your sweet attitude is contagious! I'm smiling!

gee said...

i totally agree with the first paragraph.

i looove that dress. i keep on seeing people wear it and i am kicking myself for not getting it at $19.99 on UO it's $29.99 now. why? ...boo.
plus i always love the black and brown together!
you look beautiful!!!

Kenziefaith said...

Love your style!! This outfit is so so cute - That dress is to die for!

www.kenziefaith.blogspot.com x

Anonymous said...

What a great post, and I totally agree all of the sisterhood should unite :)
Your outfit is lovely, the cardigan and cute dress go so well together.
Keep smiling, because you make the world a more beautiful place.

Abbey said...

You look really pretty in that dress! Love that you're so happy. Can't wait until school isn't taking over my life so I can feel that way!


Elli said...

that dress is so cute! And I really love your blog :]

500 days of Jo said...

I'm not really sad but I would love to have that hug and share that happiness anyways :) I love your dress you look so pretty, no wonder your happy doll eheh.
<3, Jo*

Michal said...

What a sweet dress, and you seem like such a sweet person! I'm so glad I found you through Kate's blog. (:

Caroline said...

Your dresses are so sweet! xx

Between Laundry Days said...

I love your little burst of happiness! Thanks for sharing it. And oh wow I LOVE this dress!!

Chelsea said...

Cute outfit :) Thanks for sharing your happiness, it even brightened my day a little bit!

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

It sounds like life is going amazing for you right now! Awesome, I love it when things just work out right.

This outfit is so lovely, the print is amazing! xx

Chaucee said...

That's so awesome you're having such a great time lately : ) Life has been good and God is good. I'm so thankful!
Ps - adorable outfit! I just adore that dress.

Fashionista said...

and your last photo is incredible with those effects.
wanna exchange link? or just follow each other?
xo, Lorine

Collette Osuna said...

Hi Heather:)
Super cute blog...just found your blog link..Im from Michigan too!! How cool:)

Im your newest follower....BTW...LOVE the boots!

Stop by and say Hello♥
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jessicachubb said...

Awww. You are sweet! Love you too sister. :)

Reticella said...

oh dear, this is such a cute outfit!! i've been getting into bold bright florals so this is such a nice transition for fall.