September 12, 2010

Ollie Ollie.

So I finally found myself a pair of oxford heels. I've been on the hunt for awhile now and just couldn't see myself paying the standard $60 for these shoes. I ended up finding this pair at Sears for only $22! I tried them on and they fit perfectly. I was overly excited and I talked about them all week after I bought them.

I love this outfit because it breaks the black and brown rule. Not only did I break the rule, I went above and beyond and wore different shades of brown and I couldn't be more satisfied with the way it turned out! Fashion is all about taking risks and figuring out what works and what doesn't and I just can't get enough of black and brown!

Here is what I wore:

Dress/tights/belt: F21
Oxfords: Sears
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe

So I saw this dress and it was one of those "I NEED that!" moments. It's such a basic dress that can be worn so many ways and that exactly what I've been hunting for to rebuild my wardrobe. I felt like I was so limited with a lot of things I already own, so I am trying to find things that can be worn in more than just one way. This dress is pretty perfect for remixing.

I am so so so thankful to my boyfriend Jeff for being so patient with me for my outfit pictures. I usually try to tell him what I want first and then I let him do his own creative thing. He likes to get down in the grass and get some pretty cool shots, so I am so lucky I have him to help me with this blog! The whole tripod thing is great, but it gets exhausting running back and forth. I told him that he's going to have to learn to be a blogger boyfriend and so far he has been absolutely amazing. :)

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Kate Maggie said...

Those are the perfect oxfords! So glad you found yourself a pair you love :) Also....I usually HATE black and brown, but lately I have been trying to pull it off more and I just got so inspired by this look because you look amazing! The colors are perfect and you are rocking it better than anyone Ive seen. Love it girly. Have a great week. x

Anonymous said...

Love your shoes! I've been in need of find that perfect pair.
You definitely rocked black & brown. Love that you added the belt.


Sarah said...

Good job on breaking the black and brown rule. This outfits works so well. Sometimes you just have to throw out the rules. Fabulous idea!

Ashley said...

I'll admit, wearing black and brown together practically gives me hives, but I love it on you!