September 23, 2010

Ashes and Wine.

So this is the first night away from my fiance in awhile. It always feels weird being away from him after spending so much time together. I'm going to stick to a fashion post today though because I feel like I have a lot to write about.

The other night Jeff and I went to Target where I found only TWO pieces left from the Tucker for Target line and they were put back on the wrong rack. I looked everywhere to find more, but no luck. I did however buy one dress and I am in love with it! At $35, it's one of the more expensive dresses I own, because I am a blogger on a budget. This dress is seasonal versatile though. I feel like it's perfect for any season, so long as you accessorize accordingly.

Here is the dress:

Dress: Tucker for Target
Boots: Ebay

I'm sure Tucker for Target will soon be popping up all over the blogosphere. The line is amazing and affordable. I didn't want to add too much to the dress the first time I wore it, so I just wore the dress with my new boots. I bought these boots off of ebay. These make my first official ebay purchase and I am loving ebay! I have a pair of black, vintage booties on the way.

So today I went to Kohl's to spend lots of Kohl's cash given to me by my future momma in law. I bought some gray boots, brown sweater tights, a floral romper (for next summer), a strapless bra and a flannel shirt for my boy.

Okay so that's all on the fashion front. I'll leave you with this picture that Jeff took. I love seeing pictures he takes of me because I feel like I can see myself the way he sees me. I can be ridiculously insecure sometimes, and I feel absolutely beautiful seeing myself through his eyes, it's pretty refreshing.

Oh and I was also featured in The Upside of Wonder's "Looks I Love" this week. This was such an honor! I literally squealed when she told me. So check out her blog, because you're bound to fall in love with her style and charm. :)


Meg! said...

So that dress is the cutest! And I'm super glad I'm not the only one who feels gross spending more than $30 on a dress, haha. :B

t said...

Cute dress!

Abbey said...

Love target clothes [and shoes]! Cute! (:

gee said...

i got two pieces from the tucker for target line. i went to target yesterday and there was a ton of tucker for target!! (but i live in West Virginia..they could care less about fashion..hahaha)

i love that dress on you. you look beautiful.
have a great weekend love.

Sarah said...

I'm loving the floral dress and the shoes!! Your outfit looks very put together, Love it!