August 16, 2010

Last day.

Today was my last day as a nurse extern and I can honestly say I won't miss it. I'm ready to move on to the next stage in my life. I just have to take my nursing boards and I'm well on my way. After work, I came home, showered and got ready real quick. My grandpa had to have surgery today so my brother and I went to visit him at the hospital. He's doing really well, the surgery went great.

So my outfit and photos aren't that great, but I'll post a picture anyway. That's dedication! I aimed for comfort today. I do like how the brown belt breaks up the dark purple top and dark gray bottom though.

Shirt: Charlotte Russe
Skirt/Belt: F21
Necklace/Shoes: F21
Flip Flops: Target

Everyday I want a new camera more and more. Right now I have a canon point and shoot which I love for everyday, random use. But I want something nicer for my blog.

So things I learned today:
1) When sitting down, belts can be used to catch crumbs.
2) Hospital TV remotes can control the window blinds.

So on our way home from the hospital in Detroit, we saw black smoke in the sky. This usually isn't uncommon due to all of the factories, but as we got closer we realized it wasn't pollution. It was a full blazing fire in a building right off the highway. The whole house was engulfed in bright orange flames, it was insane.

So that's my unbelievably random blog post. Sorry for my popcorn thoughts.

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Kate Maggie said...

I like the things that you learnt today! haha. So good. You look lovely - love your outfit. I was just noticing in your side bar that you are reading "Forgotten God" I just finihsed that book about 3 months ago and was in love. It is SO good. How are you liking it? Well..have a great week pretty. x

Sara Louise said...

glad the surgery went great for your granpa
and good look with the nursing

gee said...

good luck on your nursing boards!!! i am also in need of a new xoxo

rlutz said...

Congrats on nursing...I am thinking of going to nursing school once the kids go to school.

Meg! said...

For a quick, comfy outfit that's super cute! I love your style. <3