August 17, 2010

Kitty pee.

So today I learned:
Karma is real. So I've had a cat for 14 years and I have maybe cleaned the litter box twice even though it was supposed to be my responsibility. So today my mom asked me to do it while she was on her way to visit my grandpa. So I pick up the [new] litter box and realize that it leaks everywhere. There was a puddle of kitty pee and it splashed on my feet and I had a mess to clean up. So that's what I get for slacking on years of kitty litter duty. I really didn't aPEEciate it. Yep, I can get that lame.

Today I wore:
Romper- Charlotte Russe
Belt/earrings/boots- F21

So I've been getting a lot of things from the buy one, get one half off sale racks at Charlotte Russe. I got this romper and purple, floral shorts for under $17. This is my first romper. Most rompers I try on make my hips look even wider than they are. (I have those infamous "child bearing hips"). But I really liked this one, it's a really thin material and slightly see through, so I may need to find something to wear with it. But the thin material is perfect for these hot, midwestern summer days. The bottom is rather baggy, as seen in picture two. My butt isn't that big. Haha.

I was going to curl my hair today, but my curling iron is MIA. So I opted for the natural state. I used to curl my hair 4-5 times a week, and I have only curled it once since I started my blog. You all must bring out the laziness in me :)

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Thanks for reading! XoXo


Elle Sees said...

so cute, but cats scare me!

Britty said...

hi how are you!?!? this is my time at your blog and i like it! i'm putting you on my "blog list" =]

ok you look so pretty love the romper wish i could wear one!

Rachael said...

Hey H, it's R! I'm using my AIM screen name to comment on this. Weird??

Anyway, I had to comment and tell you that I LOVE this romper! :-)

Toodles <3

Luna said...

love your blog,HEATHER!that romper is so cute.. followin your blog

thanks for checkin out my blog&commenting! hope you follow back.XO`

rlutz said...

Kitty Karma!!
Love the romper.

Kate Russell said...

You hair is so pretty. I love this outfit.

Kate Maggie said...

You are so cute! I love this romper, and I love your 'pee' pun - that was such a funny story. Thats what you get for neglecting! Just kidding - dont feel bad. I do the same thing. You look beautiful lady. Hope you're having a great week. x

Fabiola "Fab" said...

Hello Heather,

I just found your blog through Q's Daydream blog! you are just as adorable!

Have a lovely weekend!

Fabiola "Fab"