August 14, 2010


So I've been in a real funk lately. Life really overwhelms me sometimes. The whole graduating from college, welcome to the real world, can't find a job, masters programs are expensive, so is your shopping addiction is really bumming me out. My funk is sort of affecting my whole life and people are starting to notice. The normally vibrant, talkative Heather is quiet and withdrawn.

Okay I don't mean to whine, so on to some cute news. My niece turns two on Tuesday and we had her birthday party today. Her and her sister can completely brighten even my worst day. The birthday girl with her little blonde curls is the sweetest, thanking everyone personally after each gift she opened. That's how I spent my Saturday and it was a rather good one (minus the slight belly ache).

Here is my outfit from Thursday:

Shirt/tights/neclace: Forever 21
Sweater: Target (little girls section)
Shorts: Charlotte Russe

I wore it to my cousin's final poker tournament. He used to host a weekly poker game but is now moving two hours north. So I stayed out super late Thursday night and again last night for his going away party. Some of the best nights I've had though and so completely worth the extreme lack of sleep.

I'm finding it sort of hard to take pictures everyday. I really liked my outfits from yesterday and today but I have just been so busy. Yesterday I helped prepare for today's party, took my boyfriend's grandmother to run errands, went shopping then went to a party.

I need to work out some sort of daily unemployed schedule so I can get more things done. I especially need to include time to workout and take photos. Those seem to be the hardest things to squeeze into my days. Hope you all have a nice, relaxing Sunday!


Meg! said...

I love this outfit; your shorts are so cute!

And I understand the post-college funk. I think I'm still experiencing it. It's not easy for us young people who are supposed to start our lives in this awful economy, y'know? Hang in there, and just enjoy each day as it comes. <3

Sabina said...

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Much love,

Hannah said...

This is a darling outfit. I love your necklace.
And your sweater from the girls section is a very resourceful idea.

maggeygrace said...

I love these tights! I think I have them, actually :) And your shorts are so cute. Shorts and tights combos always make me giddy! I love how you talk about the birthday party- hehe, so cute. I also love going to my little cousins' parties and feeling inspired.

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