July 19, 2010


So this is about as simple as it gets. Jeans and a tank top. I went to lunch with my friend Rachael today, then we spent some time in my car taking pictures and wandered around Target. I bought a Bob Dylan cd and I am feeling completely relaxed now. And this is my room, my safe haven. I love everything about my room, the colors, the natural sunlight, how music is always playing. It's the most peaceful (as seen below) room ever.
Shirt- Charlotte Russe
Jeans- OLD magical jeans
Neclace- F21
Peace Painting- Done by my Uncle

I said a few posts back about my new beginning. So far, I feel absolutely amazing. I just feel completely at peace and much less stressed. I took this picture in my car today and I love it.
Oh and this is my beautiful friend Rachael. We will be doing a non-car photoshoot together soon.


Ashley said...

I also love that picture out of your car! I just hope you weren't driving while taking it....hahaha!

Heather said...

We were actually sitting outside a sporting goods store that had a beautiful rock wall. I lead a rather exciting life. Haha.