July 22, 2010


So today was an amazing day. My friend Rachael and I went to the Ann Arbor street fair. Ann Arbor is basically the San Fransisco of Michigan. It's a lively, artsy city with tons to do. It's also the home of one of the two Urban Outfitters near us. So I wore this outfit a few days ago, so I won't post a whole outfit. But this is a picture of my fishtail braid, it's really easy to do.

This was taken on our two mile walk back to the car.

So there was this huge sale going on at UO due to the street fair. I bought a new skirt and 2 alice in wonderland shirts for 20 bucks. I saw this adorable gold leaf headband for $18 and couldn't see my frugal self paying for it, so I left without it. I just went to Target to get some new mascara and I saw a brass colored leaf headband for only $8. I'm going to sleep happy tonight.

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