July 27, 2010

Birthday Alice.

I am officially 22 and let me tell you, it does feel better than 21. I want to be 22 forever, it's such a perfect number. This has been the most amazing birthday so far. I woke up and put on my new favorite dress, met Rachael for lunch and shopping, then went to dinner with my boyfriend and family. Everything about the day was perfect. Rachael gave me a framed picture of our street fair adventures and an UO gift card! We were asked twice today if we were twins. She'll be 22 on Saturday. Two 22 year olds being asked if they were twins, twice. Such a perfect number.
Well without further ado, here is my dress:

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Accessories: Forever 21
Flats (not pictured): Target

The first picture shows the actual color of the dress. The second picture shows my black bow headband and silver bow ring. I was wearing dark flats to tie in the whole "Alice" look. Lameness confession: I wore the perfume curious because of the phrase "Curiouser and curiouser."

Perfect ending to a birthday: dancing with the love to Bob Dylan.