March 25, 2011

Friday Funnies

I'm slacking in the outfit post section, it's been so rainy and cold! So this week I wanted to do a recap of funny things that happened this week. I hope they can make you all smile. Enjoy :)
Me in San Diego circa 2003 ;)

1) Jeff and I had a half hour drive to premarital counseling and we spent the majority of this time singing Dumb and Dumber's version of Mockingbird.

2) Last Sunday at a family birthday party I noticed a huge lump in my scarf, only to realize it was a sock. Yep, I didn't realize this until after dinner.

3) I'm just now learning to blow a bubble. I spent the entire Red Wings game practicing, and I finally blew a bubble as the Wings scored and everyone cheered. For a second, I thought everyone was just really happy I finally blew a bubble.

4) BEST STORY: One of the kids in my class attended a wedding last weekend. His mom told me that this is what he told her during the garter removal, "Hey mom, that guy, that married that lady, well he just took off her underwear!" How hysterical, I love kindergarten!

5) We played Star Wars at recess and I was Jabba the Hutt and appaerntly my Jabba voice sounds exactly like Fat Albert. 

Have a great weekend everyone! xo


Michal said...

hahahaha these are hysterical!! my favorite is #3.

gee said...

i wore pants once to school and then halfway through the day i finally noticed that my underwear was hanging out of the pants leg. damn static. :P
have a wonderful weekend beautiful.

Meg! said...

Hahaha I love these! The sock in the scarf thing is THE BEST. I have found several socks in my pant legs before, but never in my scarf. XD

Vicki said...

haha you had a sock in your scarf!! thats hilarious! :) x

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

hahahaha i just laughed out loud at the sock-in-scarf thing!! that is too awesome. this list is too awesome. you're so cute <3