February 22, 2011

Hair Tutorial

So I started this video with the intention of talking you all through it, but I talked too much and babbled a lot. So instead, enjoy this song and watching my mouth move at a rapid rate. If you have any questions, just ask.

Untitled from Heather Watson on Vimeo.

I use the Conair Infiniti curling iron, I got it Target for $20. I LOVE this curling iron, I highly recommend it! You can do this curling method with a typical curling iron but you need to be careful not to burn yourself with the clamp. Just wrap your hair around the barrel and keep the clamp open. I don't use any hair products, sometimes I use heat spray, but I'm usually in a hurry!   Thanks for watching. :)

Song: The Universe is Laughing - The Guggenheim Grottoe


gee said...

you are the cutest thing in the world.
wonderful video..it is lovely. just like you! :P
i am going to try this again..since i own the darn curler.

Meg! said...

You are SO CUTE. I wish I had a reason to curl my hair... unfortunately I have the opposite problem. I should do a tutorial on how to fluff up your hair. Step 1) turn head upside-down. 2) FLUFF HAIR. The end. :(

Anonymous said...

Love this! Specially each subtitle haha so cute! Oh, and I am now ocmpletely obssesed with that SONG! I youtube-ed it. lol and it's been on repeat bout six times now.


Vicki said...

great tutorial!! :) your blog is simply lovely! xo

Diana Smith said...

CUTEEEE tutorial!! You look so pretty!

The Smith Circle

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I'm FINALLY catching up on my bloglovin' now and this video is so cute!! I love the tutorial! xo