February 28, 2011

Fashion at the Oscars

So I never do posts like this, but I was just so mesmerized by all of the beautiful dresses at the Academy Awards tonight. I thought I would share some of my favorites with you all.
1. Mila Kunis  2. Mandy Moore  3.Hailee Steinfeld 4. Halle Berry  5. Anne Hathaway  6. Scarlett Johansson

 As you can see, I favor the pretty pale colors. I can't get over how gorgeous everyone looked. Anne Hathaway is wearing a vintage Valentino dress that is just breath taking. I generally shy away from red dresses, but this one is perfection. And I have a feeling Scarlett Johansson will get a lot of mean comments on her dress, but I absolutely love it. I'm obsessed with all things lace and I think this dress is gorgeous. As for the other four ladies, they all look so beautiful in their pale shades. I love creams and pastels right now, they are so perfect for spring. There were so many other beautiful dresses, but these were my personal favorites!

I hope you all enjoyed the Oscars! I'll be posting the Michigan blogger meet up stuff this week! xoxo


Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

mila kunis, oh gosh i swooned when i saw her. shes so beautiful

She is Sara said...

Oh I love you soooo much for posting Mandy! She is my girl crush! :) :)

Aimee said...

Mila and Scarlett... they take the cake for the best dressed, I think! They're so gorgeous and their dresses emphasize that, but don't take away from their beauty. Perfection.


Michal said...

Mila's & Scarlett's were two of my absolute favorites! I love seeing some color at the Oscars.. Everyone tends to dress kinda bland but they looked SO gorgeous.

Pixie in Pumps said...

love love loved Mandy Moore's dress!

Anna said...

Wow, I've just come to your blog from Selective Potential's link and I was going to bookmark you simply because of the cute outfits, but you loved ScarJo's dress and that makes it even more amazing! I loved it too!