November 22, 2010


So this was a really fun day. I had thought about this place I saw a few months back while driving and I wanted to go there and take pictures, but Jeff and I didn't quite know how to get there again. We set out anyway and although we didn't find the place I was hoping for, we ended up having a fun little drive. We did however, go to a different location on the same river as yesterday's post.


Check out this chair we found made out of a tree stump. Jeff didn't think it looked very safe, but I decided to sit on it anyway. :)
This is a public place and there was an elderly woman walking her dog near us, she came up and talked to us a bit. She was so sweet and said that our pictures looked great. I wasn't embarrassed or anything. I was in such a "blogging zone" that I didn't notice any of the other people that were around, which is good because I love this location.
Oh and on the drive home we saw a Laire battle like in the movie Role Models, which was hilarious! I didn't know that stuff went on so close to where I live. Jeff and I were so amused at the 200+ people that were pretend slaying each other near a local wooden park.

So I have 18 outfits left in this challenge. I don't know if I have it in me, my chosen color pallete is rather bland. I keep staring at my items and I don't know what to do with them! I feel like I could maybe do another 5 decent outfits, but other than that I think this challenge could get boring for me and I don't want it to affect the quality of my blog. So dear readers, I'm at a crossroads and need some advice. Do I continue the challenge where it could possibly have a negative effect on my blog? Or do I continue to see it out for sake of not being called a quitter or losing your respect?


By the way, I have these sunglasses in 3 colors. When sunglasses are only $1.50, you buy every pair you can find!


dotty said...

i heart the navy, brown, and gray here!

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

i love your hat! you've inspired me to start searching for a cute hat. and i saw on twitter that you're setting out to plan 18 more outfits for the challenge...good luck!! you'll definitely come up with creative outfits!

Meg! said...

Firstly, this outfit is so adorable on you. I really love the muted colors of your skirt/shirt, and the bright blue-turquoise of your knits. So pretty on you! And your hair is lookin' gorgeous, girly! Basically I love this whole thing... and I'm debating buying those same boots because I'm a giant copy-cat poopyface. <3

Secondly, I say if you're not feeling the challenge anymore, then don't force yourself to do it. The point of the challenge is to help you be creative and explore styling things differently, so if it feels like it's stifling your creativity instead of inspiring it, I'd say just drop it. I mean you may feel badass when you finish the challenge, but will it have been worth it? I have no idea, it's up to you! But I won't lose any respect for you whatsoever if you quit. <3 ;)

.Alyspank said...

I think you have it in you to complete this challenge without anyone getting bored by your blog at all! Just keep laying things out next to one another and remember that anything is possible!! Some of my favorite concoctions were happy accidents, and I didn't think they'd work at all-- but happily they did!

You're almost halfway to your goal! No sense in stopping now!


Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

it does look really beautiful there, the chair it cute. love your outfit too. looks great.
Scrapbook de la Emma

Jo said...

Gorgeous location and great shots! You look great.

From one mixer to another, I know it can get tough in the middle of the challenge, but I think you can do it. Work it, girl!

Michal said...

You look so cute!

I wouldn't force yourself to finish if you really aren't enjoying it. At the same time, I definitely think that you're creative enough to come up w/the remaining 18 & I'm sure you could stick it out if you want! We'll still be following either way. :D

Plummy said...

I love your hat, and some of these pictures are gorgeous! I think you have it in you to complete the challenge. Try to stretch your wings with adding accessories, tights, hats, anything to add a bit of pizazz to your outfit. :) Plus, I think you could argue it's not cheating to buy accessories, as long as you don't buy main articles of clothing. Also, if you have any items you haven't worn yet, switch them out for something a bit more fun! I've definitely switched out several of my pieces so far.

sherryl said...

i love the plum/navy tones here. very sweet. :3 and it's totally up to you whether you want to stop or not, don't do anything you don't want to!

kimmie said...

$1.50 sunglasses? sign me up! :)

Love your outfit!

Sophi said...

I think style is all about having fun, and if the challenge is more burden than inspiration, why make yourself unhappy? Maybe you could compromise though--switch out ten pieces or something?

That said, I'm sure that whatever you choose to, your blog is still going to be totally rockin' :)


gee said...

i say..if you dont feel it anymore dont do it.
but you know.. i love your blog either way..!! :)
that blue in your beanie and cardigan are so beautiful on you.
& i really need $1.50 sunglasses..i break mine all the flippin time.

Jodi said...

love your color combo's. they look awesome!! I'm a new follower and love your blog!! I will be borrowing ideas from you for the next leg of this 30 for 30 challenge thats for sure!!

oxox J

Karen said...

Cute outfit!!! You have a great collection of cardigans which I think is essential for taking your summer wardrobe into fall!! I need to find some more cardis for my own wardrobe!!


Anonymous said...

I think you are doing an amazing job at remixing and definitely think you should stick it out. Your outfits have been great and I haven't noticed that they are bland colours, I think they are great fall colours.

Shallow Mallow said...

You look great :)

I didn't dare join the challenge because I figured if I took 30 outfit shots in 30 days there'd be nothing to blog about for the next few months (my wardrobe isn't super small but excluding accessories & tights there isn't much more than 30 items in there).
Can't blame you if you do drop out :)

I guess if you wanted to continue past the point where you run out of colourful options you could always bend the rules and swap a couple of items to solve the colour conundrum? Or break the shopping rule and get some colourful accessories :D (or not bend any rules and lend colourful accessories? Scarfs, belts, tights, jewelery, hats?)

Looking forward to see what you do :)

THE CRAFT said...

Cute outfit combo. Everthing goes so well together!

The Craft

stilgerecht said...

The colours are great! You look beautiful. Love your blog and your header is lovely aswell!!

JennaStevie said...

I loove the colours here, you mix colours so well. Love that cardigan sooo much.
I think if you push yourself a little longer you may end up trying combinations you never thought of and will end up being more creative because of it, but it's up to you. Everything you've done up till now has been fantastic!!

6roove said...

lovely! great cardi and shoes!

JMay said...

Just stumbled upon your blog & you are the cutest :-) I love all your outfits! If you're not feeling it anymore, you shouldn't feel obligated to finish. Blogging is for fun so make sure you are always posting what you want to post :-)

New follower!