October 22, 2010

Wisdom hasn't found me yet.

I just realized that I really haven't talked much about my music taste on my blog. So I want to tell you all about my Monday night. Rachael and I went to see Ingrid Michaelson and it was an incredible night! If you don't know who she is, you should definitely give her a listen! Ingrid has really got me through some very dark days. Her lyrics have spoken to me in such a profound, inspiring way! "All you can do is keep breathing."

concert outfit
Top: Gap/Skirt,belt: F21/Cardi: Target/Boots: Ebay/Tights: Walmart

The highlight of the night was actually discovering and falling in love with a new band. The Guggenheim Grotto opened for Ingrid and they are AMAZING. They are two guys from Ireland and played an acoustic set. We met them, got autographs and took this picture.


They were so nice! I love Irish accents! We bought their cds and I haven't stopped listening all week! They have the most relaxing sound and are lyrical geniuses. I love poetic, metaphorical lyrics.

tgg lyrics


So the show was amazing. I was so relaxed and had the best time! Ingrid was hilarious, it was like a mix between stand up and a concert. She had all sorts of funny stories and really interacted with the crowd. I wish I could have met her so I could have told her how truly inspiring her words are!

So there you have it. A sneak peek into my music loving mind. I probably have 20 favorite bands because I can never narrow it down to one! Ingrid is a list topper and now so it The Guggenheim Grotto. I'm sure you will hear more of my music tastes in the future. You should definitely check out this Irish band too, if you like acoustic music, you won't regret giving them a listen!


Abbey said...

Ingrid Michaelson is one of my favorites! I have yet to go to one of her concerts, but I can't wait! Glad you had fun!

Amber Rose said...

How lovely of a time you must've had!
I love Ingrid Michaelson; her lyrics speak to me.
Do you listen to A Fine Frenzy?

And these lyrics are great. Can't wait to check out the band. :)

Kate Maggie said...

so excite/jealous that you got to see her! Shes one of my favorites. Love these pictures lovely, those brown tights look gorgeous on you!! x

Michal said...

Cool post! I'll check 'em out. You look super purty btw. (:

.Alyspank said...

I absolutely adore Ingrid Michaelson! Pretty sure her channel on Pandora is one of my most frequently listened to.

Your outfit, by the way, is totally cute!


Robyn said...

Loving mustard right now. I am also and Ingrid fan, so this post is fantastic all around.

Chaucee said...

I LOVE Ingrid. She's one of my favorites. My sister and her friend went to see her last week in Philadelphia and came back raving about it. I wish I could have gone.

Carrie said...

Ingrid is wonderful and I am glad you got to see her! I heard the Guggenheim Grotto for the first time a few years ago and fell in love! :)

Annebeth said...

looks like a lovely night! I'm in love with your skin btw, so pale and delicate and perfect! Your outfit is ubercute too, the colors are very fall appropriate and the skirt is very pretty.

if you have some spare time, drop by my blog!

500 days of Jo said...

Sounds like an amazing night! So jealous! You look really cute, love your colors :)
<3, Jo

maggeygrace said...

I am sosososo jealous that you got to see Ingrid! Lucky! She's one of my favorites. You and I is going to played at my wedding. Hands down. Not to mention, you look ADORABLE. <3

dotty said...

i just found your blog and it's fabulous! your mustard+boots+patterned skirt combo is so cool-looking!

rlutz said...

love that mustard shirt with that skirt...looks great...
I am going to have to check out Ingrid Michaelson...her lyrics are amazing

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

oh i love Ingrid Michelson!! Keep Breathing is one of my favourite songs!! i love your mustard shirt and your skirt they are so so so cute!!