October 11, 2010

Until next summer.

So I'm really behind on posting due to a computer screen problem, but I'm back! This outfit is from Friday and prepare for picture overload. This was my favorite day for pictures so far for two reasons. 1) I LOVE the way the pictures turned out, 2) Jeff and I had an absolute blast shooting them. We couldn't stop laughing, it was so much fun! In fact, our entire weekend was a lot of fun. I've come to realize that Jeff is officially the funniest person I know.

This weekend was beyond beautiful. The leaves are quickly changing to beautiful yellows, reds and oranges, which makes driving a lot more fun! We tried to spend some time outside and soak up the beautiful weather. Autumn is my absolute favorite season but it makes me so sad it's so short lived.


So I had to do one last photo shoot in front of the cornfield, luckily I did because the very next morning it was gone! I used to be terrified of cornfields, but I am so in love with this one. It's right next to Jeff's house and is so pretty when the sun sets behind it. We're having our wedding ceremony in the field next to this cornfield next August. I can't wait to see how it looks all set up for Jeff and I to become husband and wife. I have to wait 10 months, but until then I will enjoy every second of being his fiance!



So after months of blogging, I have finally learned how to make my pictures bigger. I am so so so excited about this! Thanks to flickr, my blog is finally looking much better! :)


I will leave you with some candid shots of me laughing. Jeff was making me laugh and would just keep clicking and clicking so we have pictures to show for how much fun we had. Have I mentioned how amazing he is? :)

laughing collage


annierama said...

I like the background of your blog!
really inspiring blog!

Laura said...


Abbey said...

Cute! Love the dress! (:

Kenziefaith said...

Love this outfit!

Amber Rose said...

How wonderful! The laughing pictures are the cutest!

And I STILL haven't figured out how to do the different picture sizes. Sigh.

Louder Than Silence said...

Such lovely pics. I bet your wedding will look amazing in the field next door!

Sally from Louder Than Silence x

gee said...

i love these pictures. you look beautiful.
it took me awhile to figure out the picture thing too!! hahaha!!

Meg! said...

Adorbs adorbs. That dress is so damn cute, and those boots rule! <3