October 31, 2010

A Canvas of a Billion Suns

So my Halloween weekend was entirely uneventful. I'm not much of a partier, so I opted to sit at home and watch the Red Wings game with all of the guys in my life (Jeff, my daddy and my brother)! The Red Wings won too, yay! I hope you all had a really fun Halloweekend! I can't wait to read everyone's stories and see everyone's costumes. So far this is my favorite!

We don't get trick or treaters at my house. My mom still has a bowl of candy ready, so me and my brother just went outside and knocked on the door yelling "Trick or Treat!" I got a Reese's, it was delicious!


So we took these pictures at Jeff's sister's house. His 4 year old niece, Elizabeth accompanied us on our photo shoot. She was loving it, she was posing and playing in the leaves with us, it was such a fun time! Some were taken in front of their garage. I told his sister she's not allowed to fix it up because I love the worn out look!

Dress: Heritage 1981, Belt & cardi: F21, Boots: Shoe Dept, Tights: Target

I don't have a whole lot to talk about! This weekend took a lot out of me and to be honest, I'm ready for Monday! I want a new week and a fresh start. Jeff and I have our engagement session on Tuesday, so I can't wait to show you some of those pictures! I think I've decided what to wear but I won't be sure until Tuesday!

Today, my cousin Julie and I did a really fun photo shoot for a guest post I'm working on. It's probably my favorite set of photos so far and I am really looking forward to sharing them this week!


Here is my doll costume that I wore to work. It was just something I threw together because I didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a costume! I guess you could also call me a milk maid or Dorothy, but I'm sticking with doll. :)

Thank you all so much for your kind comments! I am honestly so grateful for all of my darling readers, you are all so amazing! This is such a great community to be a part of and I love all of the positive feedback, thank you so much! Once I hit 50 followers on google, I'm going to host my first giveaway!! I know a lot of people wait until they have more followers, but I'm just too excited to wait! :)


Sophi said...

I love your cozy green and brown outfit! Perfect for a fall day :)


Eunice said...

pretty fall colours! and your doll outfit is adorable!


.Alyspank said...

Way cute looks! And I'm totally excited to see some of your engagement pictures- those are always the best pictures of all!

I'm glad I wasnt the only one that decided to go cheap on my costume this year. I just did Wayne from Wayne's World and spent a grand total of 7 dollars for the supplies to make the hat! Totally better than paying 60 dollars for an outfit so short that it doesn't leave anything to the imagination. haha



Abbey said...

I love your costume! So cute! (:

rlutz said...

Love that dress with the textured tights...

Mandy said...

Such a cute outfit! I am loving all of your dress/cardigan/boot outfits!

Michal said...

You're so cute! I love that color dress and those wonderful tights. (:

hiven said...

you're adorable.
love the belt
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