September 13, 2010

Sunset and lace.

This has been my favorite photo shoot so far. I'm so happy with the way these pictures turned out, thanks to Jeff again! I wore this last Friday to work, then to Cabella's and then we came home and Jeff made me dinner. We used our chicken casadilla maker, but Jeff seasoned the chicken perfectly, as always. I'm so lucky, he is an absolutely amazing cook! He also makes the best strawberry-banana daiquiri I've ever had!

Okay so here is what I wore:

So today is Wednesday, which goes to show how behind I am. AND I haven't taken any photos since Friday. Although, Sunday and yesterday's outfits were two of my favorites, so maybe I will just throw them on to get a picture to post later. I got a compliment on my outfit yesterday from some lady at Charlotte Russe and it absolutely made my day. I felt like I was glowing the rest of the day! I'm always so excited when someone notices outfit creativity. Since I'm still trying to find my own personal style, I definitely have some hits and misses, so it's always great to get feedback!

So today is my mom's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA! My mom is usually the first person to tell me if what I'm wearing is ridiculous, so we owe her a thank you as well. I almost always trust her opinion, but of course sometimes I'm stubborn! ;) So I'm going to the gym soon, then I have to come home and get ready to go to dinner at my grandma's tonight. Homemade veggie of my absolute favorite dishes of hers!

I'm finding that dresses + tights + layers is a fall favorite, so don't get to bored with me. I can't seem to wear anything else lately! I bought a few new things yesterday from Target (clearance). I'll probably put an outfit together using said items today, excited to get dressed :)


Ashley said...

I love these pictures, too! They just look so cozy and nice.

Amanda said...

Gosh girl I love this outfit! I love the colors and the lace dress :]

Happy Belated Birthday to your mama!

.Alyspank said...

This is such a lovely outfit for fall, and I ADORE that lace dress! So there, more compliments for you and you can proceed with your glowing. :)

-Weezy from