August 27, 2010


I can't believe it's already Friday, this week sort of flew by for me. I've spent a lot of time with my boyfriend, which always makes for a good week. I've also spend a lot of time at the gym. This personal trainer thing is pretty amazing, I feel instant results after each session. We worked on our upper body today and my arms are so sore!

This outfit is from yesterday, I don't like sorting and saving all of my outfit pictures on my boyfriend's computers so I'm a day late. Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby which is one of my favorite stores! We went to Lowes and for a ride in my boyfriend's jeep without the doors or roof. Visit my twitter to see a picture of that experience.

I had such a hard time picking which photos to share with you, I had to narrow it down. Hope you enjoy!

Shorts/top: Charlotte Russe
Sweater: Target
Shoes/Necklace: Forever 21

Here are some close ups:

I love love love this necklace. I've been wearing it pretty much everyday. My mom's favorite animal has always been an elephant, she used to draw them for me all the time when I was little. So this necklace makes me think of her.

I found a single pumpkin growing in my boyfriend's yard, fall is coming!

This is me and Skip. She's so gentle, I love her :)

Giveaways are going on everywhere! Here are two I recently entered:
Fashion Fuel D.C. is giving away a $25 Anthro gift card and
Breakfast at Gigi's is giving away a $50 Anthro gift card and Anthro bracelet!


Jessica said...

Beautiful photos and I love your outfit! Thanks for the shout out for my giveaway! Good luck! ;)

Meg! said...

I love your necklace too! How cool that it's an elephant. Every necklace I see these days has an effing owl on it. Thank god for animal variety.