July 26, 2010


Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday. What do I want? 22 followers :)
I get to wear my new baby blue dress tomorrow, it's a perfect birthday dress. It will accompany me through multiple thrift stores, a birthday photo shoot and to PF Chang's for dinner. Thursday night will be my "going out" night. We're planning on going to this huge bar on the river.

Homemade cupcakes.

I didn't take any pictures over the weekend because Saturday we drove down to Pennsylvania to help move my boyfriend's grandmother to an apartment here in Michigan. Sunday, I just threw on whatever I had at my boyfriends house and he took me shopping for my birthday. Today I had to work, navy blue scrubs are far from fashionable.

I hope you come back soon to see my blue "Alice" dress.

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gee said...

have a happy birthday!!! i love your blog, you are beautiful!!! cant wait to see your "alice" dress. xoxo