December 05, 2010

Ohio Lights.

Friday night me, Jeff and his mom drove down to the Toledo Zoo to see their Christmas lights. It was pretty cold, but still an insanely beautiful night! I wore so many layers to keep warm! I actually wore jeans (Jeff loves when I wear jeans)! I wore tights under my jeans, a tank top, two long sleeve shirts, two cardigans, my coat, scarf, gloves and a hat! I was warm and toasty, despite my Rudolph red nose in the pictures!

Jeff's mom kept photo bombing me. I just told her "jokes on you, because I'm putting this on my blog!" I'm actually really close with Jeff's mom. She's my workout buddy and our trainer is amazed at how well we know each other. Jeff's parents run a business out of their home and when I wasn't working, I would just sit in the office with her all the time. I'm so lucky to be getting her as a mother in law. She's so much fun to hang out with!

I wish the beauty of all of the lights translated better into my pictures, but I'm still learning how to use my new camera! Here are a few favorites though:

I'm so excited that the Christmas season is here! I love shopping for gifts for my loved ones, Christmas parties, baking, pretty lights and decorations and all of the joy and happiness the holidays bring! I'm currently trying to make a list of what I want, I suck at this! What is on all of your wish lists? What is your favorite part of the holiday season?


Cara-Mia said...

Gorgeous lights!

It's always nice when you get along with your significant other's parents. :)

Amber Rose said...

I've never heard of anyone wearing tights under jeans! Come to think of it, it's a good idea!

I like you.

Sophi said...

Wearing tights under jeans is so toasty! Sounds like you and Jeff's mom are great buddies--you're really lucky! And I think your photos of the lights are lovely , too :)


Plummy said...

That looks so pretty! Haha, that sounds like the amount of layers I wear when I know it's going to be cold out. :P I love your hat! How do you get it to stay on your head? I've tried hats like that and it seems like they're always slipping off my hair.

Meg! said...

Ah, I love Christmas so much it makes me want to run around in circles singing carols until I fall over and pass out. That's so cool you and Jeff's mom are so close, I would love to have that with Greg's mom! But she lives so far away. <3

My Christmas list is super boring so far and consists of like, Sherlock DVD, Mighty Boosh DVD, and... other British tv shows on DVD.

.Alyspank said...

Yay! I love Christmas lights! Your camera captured them well! A town close by to me does something similar to that, only its a 2 mile long drive through type of thing. So pretty!

My Christmas list was short and sweet this year... consisting of only an Xbox 360 and a miniature dachshund puppy. Puppy is probably going to wait until Kevin's house is finished though.


Chelsea Lane said...

llooovveee all the lights! your scarf is so cute :)


Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

love the colour of your beanie and scarf. coat is awesome too
Scrapbook de la Emma

Midwest Mayhem said...

The lights look so pretty! I think I've only been to the Toledo Zoo once. I lost my favorite jacket there as a kid. It was an L.A. Gear jacket, so the loss was pretty big. I love your cozy outfit in these photos. Your gloves are so adorable with their little bows!

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

I love the lights, they look perfect! We used to have a huge trail of lights here, but the local gov. stopped putting it up to save money. Lame!

I kinda giggled at how many layers you wore, because that's usually how many layers I wear and I probably don't need them as much as you, being in Michigan and all. Hehe!

Kenziefaith said...

I just bought that scarf - It's my favorite thing ever! It looks great on you - I love your outfit. All of these lights are so pretty!!

KF x

rlutz said...

love all the layers...definitely a midwestern thing. It is so great that you have a close relationship with your future wll make the rest of your life alot easier!

gee said...

i <3 you and your MIL. so wonderful.
i love xmas lights.
i am in ohio all the time. (the husband lives in cbus)
we live so close to each other but so far away.. hahaha.
you are beautiful.

Bryce said...

I absolutely love this outfit. That orange/rust color is one of my favorites right now.
And that blogger hand print is hilarious!