November 30, 2010

Video Blog #1

Hi, this is my embarrassing video blog, go easy on me! Once I learn some video editing, I'll put together a blooper reel because some of it is pretty funny!

Successful first vlog checklist:
Saying "um" 24 times in 3 minutes? Check.
Hitting my hand on a wall? Check.
Letting you know legal drinking ages? Check.
Goofy start up face? Check.


I was really nervous! I'm normally a rather bubbly person, but put me in front of a video camera and I feel like it sucks the personality out of me. But for my fisrt vlog, it will do! I'm definitely wanting to do some more creative videos and set them to music and all that, but I need Jeff to hold the camera (not my dresser). I love having a decent HD video camera, so I will be posting more videos for sure. Have a great night everyone!

Note: I just uploaded the video directly through blogger so the quality isn't the best, but let me know if it works okay!


Michal said...

hehehe you are SO adorable!! I love this. Your story about meeting Jeff is soo cute. (:

Jersey and the Monkey said...

That story should be in a children's book or something!


gee said...

awwwww. you are so cute. i loved it. you did so well.
i loved your meeting your meeting Jeff story. will be a good story for your grandkids.. :)

Katie said...

So adorable! Your video was great! Thanks so much for sharing <3 <3 -Katie

Cara-Mia said...

Aw cute video + story! :)

Amaris said...

My jaw dropped when you said that you were getting married, CONGRATULATIONS! So cute =)

.Alyspank said...

You're so freaking precious! I loved the "I think we hugged" comment- definitely made me giggle. Was a great first video blog!


Meg! said...

GIRRRRRL you are so flipping adorable! :D Also you have such a cute voice, what's that all about? Jealous. Seriously though, this is adorable, and the quality is actually pretty good, especially the audio! And omg you hit the wall accidentally, dork. I love it. Aww I love hearing about how people first met, it's always so cute. Wah. Okay I'll stop freaking out now. But yeah. You rule. :3

Midwest Mayhem said...

Awww, loved the video blog!

kate maggie said...

You are so cute! hehe. I loved watching this..such a cute story too, and I LOVE that it is involved in canada..eep. <3 Make more video blogs!!! xo

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

You are adorable. And yes, I guess it is my turn now haha. I better do it before I give my old video camera to my sister like I promised I would...oops!

Lauren said...

WINDSOR!!! Best times ever, hahah!

Love it! Oh we may have dueling weddings haha! We are getting married in August too! Maybe Michigan dress shopping... haha!

Sparrow & Urchin

Amber Blue Bird said...

just came across your blog today, you are too cute :)

color shows said...

You have the cutest voice!

JennaStevie said...

This is the cutest video, love that story about you and jeff meeting. You obviously didn't get super hurt in the car accident! Where did you guys go drinking? Because the legal drinking age in the province I live in is 18!

Cee said...

This is really sweet :) I find the idea of doing a video blog totally intimidating. Good for you for just going for it! I'm sure as you practise you'll feel more comfortable :) Lovely blog!