October 02, 2010

Fall wish list.

So after 3 days of hanging out with kindergarteners, I have come down with a cold. I did take outfit pictures (I'll post them tomorrow), after I figure out which ones I look slightly alive in. Jeff is currently cooking his amazing smoked chili, so I had some time to put together a little wishlist for fall. I have three categories: shoes, outerwear and dresses.


1. Harnett Boots These will be mine soon!
2. Throwing a Herringbone Wedge
3. hit the road ankle boots


1. Fur Trimmed Jacket
2. Double Breasted Wool Plaid Coat
3. Fur Lined Parka
-All from Charlotte Russe, decisions, decisions!


1. lavender hyacinth cinched dress
2. Studying the Archives Dress
3. BDG Sweater stripe Boatneck Dress

You may be thinking "Short sleeve dresses in this cold?!" Well, these are all dresses I think would look amazing with fall colored layers. I know lavender isn't quite a fall color, but I think it could look great with burgundy or mustard yellow.

Now I'm still on the hunt for an awesome burnt orange cardigan. I have this vision in my head and I haven't found anything yet to match it. I want a mustard yellow cardigan too, but I'm sure as October drags on, more fall items will be hitting stores.

So that's a small dent in my wishlist. I'm definitely getting the Harnett boots and one of the parkas from Charlotte Russe. It seems like a parka kind of year!


Meg! said...

That first dress is basically the prettiest dress I've ever laid eyes on, and it MUST BE MINE.

Luna said...

you got me wanting to make a wish list too :) hope you get better sooon!!! =p

i nominated you for an award by the way, you can claim it on my blog :) xox~

Blowfish said...

Good choice on the Harnetts!!!! They're one of my favorite styles! Definitely get em and rock em!